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Tracon's venue, Tampere Hall, is located in city of Tampere, in walking distance (700m) from the central railway station and bus station (900m). Tampere is less than a two-hour train trip away from Helsinki-Vantaa airport, and about a two-hour trip away from Helsinki central railway station. Tampere and Tampere-talo are easily accessible by train and bus services

Street address: Yliopistonkatu 55, FI-33100 Tampere

More info at their own website: Tampere-talo (Tampere Hall), their arrival information can be found here. During Tracon the cloakrooms are free of charge (we have normal cloak room, and a separate cloakroom for bigger props and luggages).

We also have a couple of schools around the city to offer dorm-styled accomodation.


Tampere-talo is physically very accessible, and there is good information on their own accessibility site. If you need an assistant, they can usually come to the event free of charge (please check this with our tickets team by email: liput[a] For any special needs (for example wheelchair/stretcher places in concert halls) or questions, please contact us! Once informed beforehand, we can give you the instructions and prepare to make your convention experience easier! During the event, our Info desk is the spot to ask for anything related to accessibility.


Tickets to Tracon are sold in few selected fellow events from our presentation table and thru our online Kompassi ticket shop.

Buying tickets online

Online ticket sale starts at 6th of July at 18:00. However, since at the moment the only option to paying in our shop demands a Finnish bank account, in cases of the international customers we allow exception of reserve tickets thru email (from the address liput (at) Let us know in the mail what kind of ticket (weekend or day one either to Saturday or Sunday) and how many of them you would wish to reserve, and your contact information (name and e-mail address). Be also kind to notify that reservations can be made only during the time when online shop is open and there are still tickets left.

Buying tickets from other conventions

This year the events to our presentation ticket sale are Tampere Kuplii comic festival and Ropecon. All the tickets sold from presentation tables are weekend ones. One day tickets to Saturday and Sunday are available only from the online shop.

Tampere Kuplii is free of charge for the attendees and non age limited event hold at 20.3-24.3.2019 in Tampere Hall, Tampere, same place as Tracon itself. Our presentation table will be up for the weekend 23rd to 24th March, and a limited amount of our tickets come to sale at Saturday 23.3. at 10.00. Payment can be made either by card or cash.

Ropecon is a role-playing convention held in Messukeskus, Helsinki at 26.–28.7.2019.  Details of our presentation sale in there will be announced closer to the event. We kindly wish to remind that in order to be able to drop by shopping in Ropecon, ticket to the event itself is needed. Please see Ropecon's own website.

Ticket prices

Weekend 28€ (from online shop), 30€ (from presentation table)
Saturday 20€ (online shop only)
Sunday 18€ (online shop only) (edited) 

Food & Accomodation

Tracon offers cheap dorm accomodation at schools, which will be for sale in the same online shop as the tickets, and they will became available at the same time. In these dorms people sleep on the floors with their own (or rented) mattresses and other equipment. For more information, please contact liput[a] A free con-shuttle-bus service is running between the main venue and the schools.

There are also multiple hotels in walking distance from Tampere-talo.

Tampere-hall has a restaurant called Tuhto, and outside at the park there are a selection of street food trucks with varying menus. If you can't find suitable menus from these, one can find a variety of restaurants and cafes around the Tampere city center very close by. The convention ticket does not include any food or beverages.

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