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The expected attendance of Tracon is 5,500 people. Tracon attendees have a wide variety of interests in games and Asian culture, such as role playing games, board games, strategy games, card games, anime, manga, Asian music, fashion and dance, martial arts, cosplay and crafts. 

Tracon has a Vendors Hall, Artisan Area and Artists' Alley, where artists, writers and companies can sell their merchandise.

Vendors Hall

We welcome international sponsors to our vendors hall. If you became a Tracon sponsor, you will have a chance to get your own booth at Vendors Hall, and (or) advertise on our website, social media and program leaflet. Tracon's Vendors Hall will be a busy place for the entire event.

Vendors Hall is reserved to our sponsors, and an international vendor can easily become one! Artists can pick from two options, Artists' Alley, or Artesan Area.

For more information and pricing, please contact our sponsors team by email sponsori[a] 

Vendor's Hall
Vendor's Hall 2018, Image: Nyymix,

Artesan Area

Artists, handcrafters and self-publishers are welcome to our Artesan Area. It's located near the Vendors Hall, and is aimed for professional artists and those amateurs who find Artists' Alley spot too small. The table at Artisan Area costs a bit more than a place at Artists' Alley, but it offers more space, and business is allowed.

For more information and pricing, please contact our sponsors team by email sponsori[a] 

Artisan area 2017
Artesan area 2017, Image: Timo Virtanen,

Artists' Alley

The Artists' Alley is meant for sale of personally made products by individual artists, handcrafters and self-publishers. Businesses may not operate on the Artists' Alley, and should instead look a spot from Artesan Area or Vendors Hall. The tables are allocated through applications, and you can share a table with a friend if you wish to. There is always more applications than there are vacant spots, so remember to prepare your application and portfolio carefully, if you are interested.

For more information about applying and pricing, please check the Artists Alley media card
For more information and applying please contact head of artist alley by email taidekuja[a] 

Artists alley 2017, Image: Kowai,



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